Health and Happiness Day 17-10-2019


Barrett Hodgson University’s Health and Happiness Day is back with a bang! With great energy and zeal our students gathered to rejoice with their friends, faculty and staff. This Health & Happiness Day we kicked off by featuring a Training Session, which was organized by the Arts & Literature Society.
Our guest speaker was Mr. Raza Khan; an International Toastmaster Public Speaker, who spoke to students about “Farewell From Stage Fear”. The session was about teaching students the importance of being confident in their body language whenever addressing a large audience. As a demonstration, our volunteering students did a great job interacting with him.
The Sports Society’s first general meeting discussed about auditions for general sports Competition and briefing about rules/regulations. 
Media society held a Photography competition for students within the campus and we have gathered countless entries! These photos will be worth more than thousand words.
Event society orchestrated the Jamming session and Open Mic which was the cherry on top of this eventful day. Huge crowds of students gathered around for a sing along with their friends, classmates, in the presence of faculty and staff members.
That is how we wrapped up another successful Health and Happiness Day in Barrett Hodgson University.