Industrial visit to Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (BHP)


Barrett Hodgson University’s Faculty of Pharmacy organized an industrial visit to Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (BHP),  on 7th Nov, 2019. BHP is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of the country.  Along with 2 faculty members, 35 students were given a glimpse of pharmaceutical industry and a briefing session about the responsibilities of industrial pharmacists.
They visited the liquid manufacturing facility and were briefed about liquid manufacturing, filling and packaging operations. Then, they visited QC department, R&D lab, packaging area and tableting sections. They were briefed by the experts working in those areas.
The visit to BHP was a great source of information and motivation for the students. Students consider it as the best field trip among all the field visits they did previously. They were happy to see such a sophisticated set up and were excited to learn about all the operations they saw.