World Diabetes Day Health walk on Health & Happiness Day


Today is Thursday where we celebrated yet another Health & Happiness Day at Barrett Hodgson University with a unique activity.
We participated in the World Diabetes Day, by arranging a health walk to raise awareness at BHU.
This day marks the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who discovered insulin 98 years ago.
To promote health we conducted a physical activity to walk for the cause of preventing Diabetes.
Keeping this goal in mind, we asked our students, employees and faculty members to focus all their energy on scoring penalty goals.
This healthy activity inspired a lot of volunteers to keep scoring goals while everybody cheered them on.
Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and early death, but it is still preventable.
All we have to do is just take some action. Because doing a simplest of action, and setting our goals, we can fight and prevent diabetes.