Excellence Award Ceremony on Health and Happiness Day


Health and Happiness Thursdays at Barrett Hodgson University are getting exciting every week! :)
The hard working and meritorious students of BHU were given the appreciation and recognition they so deserve. We celebrated Health and Happiness Day by organizing an honorable Excellence Award Ceremony.
The ceremony started with the recitation of Quran and then the National Anthem. Then the Managing Director of Barrett Hodgson Pakistan, Dr. Hasan Tharani honored the ceremony with his welcome note.
We moved on to celebrate this day with Vice Chancellor’s and Dean’s Honor List, where meritorious high achievers were honored with shields.

Moving on, Mr. Ahmed Saya with an experience of 18 years in teaching, who has won the Worlds Most Dedicated Teacher Award 2019 from Cambridge University, also graced our event. He was all praises for our campus and shared his views on students’ personal and academic growth.
He is currently trying to embed technology, using Artificial Intelligence to get hold of cellular companies to make sure that every person with a smart phone can have easy access to virtual classrooms. Mr. Ahmed Saya is a guiding light for students similar to Iqbal’s vision.
The event then proceeded to an Open Mic session by our student Bilawal who captivated the audience with his amazing vocals. Furthermore, Minhaal and Farrukh amiably prepared a speech to honor the Poet of the Nation, Allama Iqbal. In reference to that, Dr. Salman Sarwat also anchored the Iqbaliyat Session.
After these delightful sessions, the Arts and Literature Society went on to present more awards for Best Members of the Societies, Successful Events Organized, and lastly the Outstanding Personal Achievement Awards.
The event concluded with an electrifying performance by Naqi Chattha
and the crowd was mesmerized by Sara Niaz’s vocals that made people move from their seats.
This Health and Happiness Day was filled with happiness and gratefulness for everyone who attended and made this event unforgettable.