Inter Society Sports Festival 2019


Barrett Hodgson University is here with yet another Health and Happiness day celebration! And this time BHU’s Sports, Event, Arts & Literature and Media societies were up against one another to prove their mettle and have a fun day filled with physical activity. The sports activities that followed were Volley Ball, Tug of War and Relay Race. As our Sports Festival sponsor, Activate provided us with refreshing energy drinks for the power-packed event. Activate energy drink helps boost up energy and it comes in several amazing flavors.
Volley Ball match was won by the Sports Society with society president Syed Zeeshan Ahmed and members Zaigham, Zeeshan, Laviza, Mudasir and Sarah.
Tug of War was also won by Sports Society, with society members Seher, Fehmish, Ayesha, Amna, Zaigham, Waheed, Zubair, Zain-ul-Abideen
Relay Race was won by the Event Society members Abdullah Dadani, Zamin, Iqra, Hania.
We congratulate the winners and are happy to see such an enthusiastic display of sportsmanship, strength and fitness in our students, who are truly the ambassadors of Health and Happiness Day.