It was a remarkable orientation session of future Barrett’ians held at The Salim Habib Campus of the Barrett Hodgson University (BHU), Karachi, on 4th February, 2019. The event was organized to welcome the freshmen of the Spring 2019 semester, which comprised the students who were successful in obtaining admissions at the University to launch their respective careers in a variety of disciplines including Pharmacy, Information Technology, Business Administration, Accounting & Finance, and Biosciences. The freshmen, along with their parents were warmly welcomed by the University faculty and staff and were taken to the Mohtarma Barkat Bibi Auditorium.

The session commenced with recitation of the Quran and Naat by the students and the documentary was played on The Salim Habib Education Foundation (TSHEF). The segment was followed by address of the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Manzoor A. Khalidi, in which he formally welcomed the new entrants to BHU, and gave them an insight in the academic environment at the University along with words of advice on the best practices which the students should adopt to make their academic pursuits as the Class of 2022-23 successful. Afterwards, Mr. Zubair Shah, Marketing Head, BHU, gave the presentation on the salient features of the University policy, and matters relating to the code of conduct as well as students’ life. This was followed by a brief introduction of the programs and introduction of faculty of various departments by the Deans of respective faculties. Mr. Rizwan Ahmed, Registrar BHU, welcomed the Class of 2022-23 and the presentation was closed with the prize distribution ceremony for PharmD students of zero semester.

Afterwards, the faculties and freshmen gathered for group photography session at MBB Auditorium and moved towards sports complex for an aerial shot of BHU Class 2022. In the end, the event was closed with the refreshments in cafeteria and the students moved towards their classrooms for the first day of introductory session by the respective faculties.

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