CLT on Success of Organ Transplantation in Pakistan


BHU’s Centre of Learning and Teaching invited the honorable Professor Dr. Tahir Sultan Shamsi for the second time at BHU. Professor Dr. Tahir is affiliated with National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow. He gave a great insight on the topic of “Success of Organ Transplantation in Pakistan”. Prominent guest speaker, Dr. Tahir Sultan Shamsi, has done a Postgraduate in Life Sciences. Dr. Tahir Sultan Shamsi is a Professor of Haematology and Internal Medicine, and also a Director of Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine. He was among a team of surgeons who carried out for free the first bone marrow transplant at the National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD). At the end of the ceremony Professor Dr. Tahir Sultan Shamsi has high hopes for our university and as we quote he said, ‘one day BHU will be the Top University in the world!’ and we hold the same belief as him. Our multiple award-winning guest speaker truly honored us with his gripping success story and great work on Organ Transplantation that is now making waves in Pakistan. #BHU #BarrettHodgsonUniversity #TheSalimHabibCampus #CLT #CentreofLearningAndTraining #ProfessorTahirSultanShamsi #NIBD #OrganTransplantation