Badminton Championships


Serve, smash and score! BHU’s Intra University Badminton Championships saw a turnout of a whopping 58 players, both male and female! The results are now in and by the end of the series; out of the 22 female players, the termed champions were Rimsha as the Winner and Sania as the Runner Up. Whereas from the 36 male players, Zeeshan Ahmed was termed Winner and Zaigham Imran Nizami as Runner Up. Well played BHU students we are proud of your efforts and passion for sports, keep smashing all the hurdles that come your way! #BHU #BarrettHodgsonUniversity #TheSalimHabibCampus #BadmintonChampionship #ProveUsYourMettle #PutYourGameFaceOn #ServeIt #SmashIt