The Student Affairs is to provide full support to our students through various departments in order to make your stay memorable, knowledgeable, and comfortable in the campus and to enjoy your academic and student life. There are several factors that contribute to student success.

The Student Affairs is in-charge of directing several programs, administrations, policies and services as our goal is to make our students’ on-campus life a self-fulfilling one.

As an inclusive and student-centered University, SHU encourages all students to engage in shaping your own experiences. Here you will be given the opportunity to become involved in the University community through recreational sports, student clubs and societies. We are committed to broadening a dynamic and engaging educational community that assists in maintaining both the academic and individual success of our students at SHU.


Our vision is to transform students to achieve excellence and obtain their educational objectives, by helping them resolve their academic and administrative issues. We want to foster their knowledge, skill and experience so they can be better human beings and productive members of the society.


Our mission is to provide quality support services and programs to enrich the student experience in pursuit of academic and professional well-being.