We welcome, connect, engage, and support students through our programs and services, which will cater a stronger sense of self-awareness and the willpower to contribute to the well-being of others and their communities and campus.

There are many student clubs/societies and programs set up at the University which promote collaboration, friendship, wellness and professional growth within the students. Specially designed Sports Complex located on campus to encourage students to remain active, healthy and interactive with one another. Our organizations encourage the students to take on leadership roles within their community clubs, and to gain the required experience. Ultimately it is SHU’s desire that all students enjoy their stay at the University, as to make their academic year memorable student organizations present concerts, events, and educational programs.

Your University experience should not just be attending lectures and obtaining a degree. It is learning to be tomorrow’s leader. It is joining a club and interacting with your society. It is about the community you learn, grow, play and lead with. It is stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing the world with a new perspective. The full Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University) experience is defined by the connections and memories that you make outside of the lecture hall. The Student Affairs is here to provide you with those opportunities. Our vibrant campus and close-knit community provides an abundance of opportunities to keep you connected, engaged and inspired. The path you take as a student is up to you, but our services and opportunities will help you along the way.

Life as a student at Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University) is an incomparable experience. From the bonding of the student activities to the tremendous amount of sports clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities, there truly is an activity for everyone. There will be many students clubs for example social, education, entertainment, sports, wellness, volunteer work, and professional growth. Sport is a valued aspect of student life in SHU. With many sports clubs and various university sports on campus that help keep students active, healthy, and interacting with one another. We all have a role in our students’ physical wellness. Introducing a new orientation on student physical wellness that involves everyone. From student leaders to faculty and staff, we can all participate in ensuring student physical wellness.

Career Services

Career Services in the Student Affairs Department assists undergraduates of Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University) in relating their capabilities, interests and skills to significant career options. Our Career Services will bridge the gap of employers’ needs and employment opportunities for our students. Career Services can assist you with the career planning process and can also help you with planning an effective work search, learning the fine art of networking, and enhancing your interview skills.

Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University) Career Services include but are not limited to, assistance with Resumes, Cover letters, Interviewing skills, Job search techniques, Networking opportunities and Career coaching.

Financial Assistance

SHU does not discriminate against students in need in any form, all students who are capable and meet the requirements of the University have an equal chance at admission. We have a special service for those students who are however unable to fulfil the financial aspect of the University. SHU provides a number of scholarships as well as financial counseling to aid the students’ in managing their academic finances.


Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University) has a diverse range of programs for undergraduates to select from which can lead you into the career you desire. Our admission process is easy and simple for students.