‘CORONAVIRUS - A Big Threat’ a pandemic that has caused an uproar with reportedly thousands of cases in More than 10 countries. The issue demands serious attention and to spread awareness Barrett Hodgson University’s Salim Habib Centre of Learning and Teaching organized a guest speaker session with Dr. Saeed Khan, Professor, Dow University of Health Sciences. Professor Dr. Saeed Khan is Head of the Molecular Pathology Department at Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi. He has a PhD in Microbiology, University of Karachi and Postdoc in Molecular Virology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. Dr. Saeed Khan gave an in-depth overview about the various types of viruses and the current Novel CoronaVirus that we are yet to find a permanent cure and treatment for. He said that these new-born viruses have managed to cross all cultures, creeds and cuisines. The current virus has caused a dip in the production in oil which has affected the world economy and caused an impact on supply chain disruption. This virus is Zoonotic; meaning that it spreads from animals like bats, cows, snakes or raw sea food and then transmitted to humans. He mentioned many ways we can tackle and prevent ourselves from being infected; like washing our hands thoroughly at all times. If we are sick and coughing, we need to cover our faces by wearing a mask to minimize the effect of spreading germs. The other way we can be safe is to get ourselves diagnosed in case of fever and respiratory issues. This was indeed an extensive seminar or the awareness and prevention from CoronoVirus. We all need to work together to fight for this one disease; if we take all the precautionary measures and practice them, we can surely defeat it.