We offer various services to assist our students and ensure that they have a smooth stay at the University. Some of these services include:

Services of the Admissions Office

The Admissions office deals with and provides services related to:

  • Admissions
  • Enrollment and registration
  • Student ID cards
  • Document submission and handling of students’ personal information

We believe you will find the SHU online application process to be very easy and convenient. Any issues you have with the process, the Admission Office can assist you with. As for the application, the applicant’s academic performance is the vital criteria under consideration, along with accomplishments inside and outside the classroom, commitment to serve the community, and personal qualities that align with those the University looks for in candidates. We look forward to having you on board and getting to know you!

Counselling Services

We offer academic, career and individual counselling services to help and support students as they work through the academic, career, and personal challenges that may impair their ability to succeed at SHU and in other areas of their lives. Please call Ext. 277 to schedule an appointment with our counsellor or simply drop by the Student Affairs office. We want to help!

Career Services

Career Services is an undertaking of the Student Affairs department that assists undergraduate students in exploring all possible career options and deciding on a suitable career path that aligns with their capabilities, interests, and skills.

Our Career Services intends to bridge the gap between the needs of employers and the skills and passions of our students. We help you with not only the career planning process, but also with leading an effective job search, learning the fine art of networking and how to utilize it to create and maximize career opportunities, and ultimately with securing your dream job.

Our services include, but are not limited to, assistance with building resumes and portfolios, help writing cover letters, polishing interview skills, refining job search techniques, providing you with networking opportunities, connecting you with employers, and giving you career counseling and coaching.

We aim to help you learn, experience, and soar!

Financial Assistance

SHU does not discriminate against students in need in any way. All capable students who meet the eligibility requirements of the University have an equal chance at admission. For students who are unable to fulfil the financial requirements of the University, we offer a number of scholarships, financial counseling services, and financial aid.

SHU is committed to build and maintain a diverse student body through its open admission process and its dedication to meet 100% of the proven financial needs of all eligible students. We go out of our way to help students who need financial assistance, because we truly wish to educate the youth of the country, no matter what their circumstances.

Sports & Recreational Services

Our ultra-modern infrastructure and facilities enable us to offer you a number of sports and recreational services and the opportunities to adopt a more athletic lifestyle, to participate in various fun activities, and to find healthy outlets of release for your academic stress.

Campus Tours

We offer campus tours to all prospective and aspiring students so that they may experience in person SHU’s beautiful, purpose-built campus, international-standard facilities, and enriching learning environment before they decide to apply for admission. We welcome you to visit us, and to attend an information session and in-depth tour of the campus.

The tour includes a detailed walkthrough of our university, guided by students who can tell you what life at SHU is really like, and will cover:

  • Our Facilities: The tour will take you through our academic block at length, including a visit to our ultra-modern classrooms and seminar halls, top-of-the-line labs equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus, our extensive four-storey library, sports facilities, and even our spacious cafeteria.
  • Our Faculty: You will also get a chance to interact with our highly qualified faculty and ask them any questions you have regarding the programs we offer.
  • Our Admissions Counselors: Our Admissions counselors will also be available to meet with you one-on-one to answer all of your queries about how to apply and brief you on what qualities we look for in our applicants.

All you have to do to book a visit to SHU is to fill up the form given below. Our representatives will then contact you to confirm your visit. You can also contact us at 021-111-248-338 to book your tour on call.

We promise you will have a great time!