The University has Departmental Clubs, each of which has a Faculty Advisor and operates under its Departmental Management, with Student Affairs overseeing its activities. These clubs carry out activities and organize events having to do with their specific field of study. The following departmental clubs are presently in operation:

Pharmacy Club – PharmDeeS

PharmDeeS, with its name standing for Promotion of Healthcare, Academic Advancement, Research, and Medicinal Development by Energetic and Enthusiastic SHU Students, is the Pharmacy Department society, which intends to unify young pharmacists on a single platform. Their vision is to raise awareness of and highlight the significance of their profession nationwide and to enhance the role of pharmacists in society. The mission of PharmDeeS is to empower young pharmacists to promote leadership, education, and health on various platforms.

Computer Science Club – CS Cube

CS Cube is the Computer Science Departmental Club at Salim Habib University. The purpose of CS Cube is to give all students, no matter what their background, a glimpse into the world of technology as every industry today has been revolutionized by tech, and especially to work for Computer Science students by training them and giving them knowledge beyond courses and curricula in order to prepare them for industry, through CS-centered training workshops, seminars, and events and activities of a similar nature.

Biomedical Engineering Club – We.M.E.

We.M.E., which stands for We, Medical Engineers, is the Biomedical Engineering Club. It has been established with the aims of promoting Biomedical Engineering in collaboration with multiple disciplines, facilitating the development, dissemination and application of engineering education, furthering the technical and societal contribution of engineers, and forming an inclusive community that discovers and cultivates students’ strengths, talents and passions, and makes campus life fun through the provision of diverse opportunities outside the classroom.

Biosciences Club – BioSoc

BioSoc is the club for the Biosciences Department. This society was established to endeavour further into the abyss of science and knowledge. BioSoc aims to provide students with great opportunities and a platform to represent themselves and all that Biosciences is about.

Management Sciences Club – NexGen LeaderS

NexGen LeaderS is a student club representing the Management Sciences department at Salim Habib University. It strives to increase the exposure students have of the corporate world in order to build networks and establish relationships resulting in their personal and professional development. It also aims to transform students into professionals by developing skills and experiences through various activities such as business conferences, competitions, meetings and job fairs.