The convergence of neuroscience, genetics, nano-technologies, artificial intelligence and other technologies has disrupted the silos of business, technology, engineering, psychology, health, medicine, and other disciplines. Salim Habib University is committed to improving the wellbeing and sustainability of future generations through multi-disciplinary education, research, practice and innovative solutions that create impact on the society, industry and economy.

Our focus is on experiential learning, problem-based learning and project-based learning which makes students eager to learn entrepreneurial skills and become self-sustainable even during their studies. We achieve this through exchange of ideas, critical thinking, interdependence and pursuit of excellence. This provides them confidence to tackle challenges emanating from rapid change and the ensuing disruption in traditional careers and fields. The key to success in future is the ability to adapt, transform and learn new ways of thinking and paradigms without losing sight of your moral and ethical bearings. Salim Habib University beckons you on this exciting journey.

Best of luck and endless success to Salim Habib University.

Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder

Vice Chancellor