The SHU campus houses a total of 31 fully equipped, state-of-the-art science, engineering and computer labs which enable the students to apply the theoretical knowledge and concepts learned in class. The engineering labs provide an opportunity of ‘Experiential Learning’ through hands-on experimentation; and utilize interactive simulations and mathematical equations based experiments to make learning fun for the students.

The engineering lab stations use online measurements and practical embedded design. The idea is to combine hardware, software, and courseware to provide an all-in-one solution to engineering education. The experiments are facilitated by the most modern lab equipment provided by world renowned vendors, such as National Instruments, Edibon, Pasco, ADInstruments, GW Instek, Digimess, 3B Scientific, and several others.

Most of the labs, especially the ones for Pharmacy students, are equipped with LED support to enhance the richness of the learning environment by providing vivid visual images. The Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry labs are perfectly designed for all sorts of chemicals in isolated environment in bio-safety cabinets, as well as cell biology and enzymology experiments. The Physiology/Pharmacology labs are well suited for various human and animal based experiments as well as behavioral and metabolic studies.

Other highly specialized labs include the OSCE/OSPE, Pharmacognosy, and Histopathology labs, among others. The simulation lab facilitates advanced learning and simulation of IV sterile preparation, community pharmacy and patient counseling areas, to impart basic health care skills to the students.