The largest of the building structures; the Academic block houses all the instructional spaces; comprising classrooms, seminar halls, science and engineering laboratories, equipped with state of the art teaching and learning equipment and aids. All spaces are centrally air-conditioned; well spread out and provide enough circulation area. The Block also houses community spaces such as three lecture theatres to seat up to 100 students each, a multi-purpose hall cum auditorium with capacity of 350 students and a well-appointed cafeteria built to international standards to serve as many as 350 persons at a time.

At Salim Habib University (formerly Barrett Hodgson University), students are at the heart of everything that we do. The essence of the University begins with the overall campus, which has been developed to provide a balance of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular spaces aesthetically blend to give an ambiance of openness, greenery and grandeur architecture.

The campus provides an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas, and encourages creativity and independent thinking, even as it facilitates faculty to engage in research that combines both rigor and relevance, and for all to develop the twin qualities of a life-long yearning for learning and a compassionate and caring attitude towards society.