Dr. Nikhat has co-authored the paper, published in scientific journal Neuron


Prof. Dr. Nikhat Ahmed Siddiqui, Dean Faculty of Science and Chair Department of Biochemistry, at Barrett Hodgson University, is part of the global initiative, as an advisory board member. This initiative promotes international scientific collaboration between cultures and nations to facilitate innovation, invention and discovery to treat and cure human diseases while at the same time improving human relations for the well-being of humanity and global peace. So far, it has received endorsements from over 200 eminent scientists from around the world, including 29 Nobel Laureates. Dr. Nikhat, an active neuroscientist from Pakistan, is also an eminent member of the advisory board of The Science Bridge.


We proudly share that Dr. Nikhat has co-authored the new paper, published in the scientific journal Neuron (Impact Factor 14.024).

Neuron article published is authored by scientists from 82 research centers and 22 countries all over the world. This historic model of tolerance and free exchange of ideas can serve as an inspirational model for efforts today in bridging cultures from the West and the Middle-East/South-Asia by scientific pursuits.